Recover the centre of your authentic self

In this training, you will learn:

  • How to get a deeper connection to who you really are

  • How to identify what really matters to you after loss

  • Practices and exercises that build new capabilities and strengths

  • About the role of crying and other normal parts of grieving as ways that encourage the body, mind, and spirit to achieve balance

  • How to increase resilience and self-compassion

The Experience (How it Works)

  • Consume Powerful Content

    Travel through 9 core modules including PDF manuals and teaching videos. All SoulStrong courses are written by faculty doctors and registered therapists to provide clinically-proven methods of healing through grief.

  • Attend Live Online Classes

    You are not alone in this journey! Our program includes 9 live, small group zoom classes. They are a safe space to go over the previous module, listen to others share about their own grief and ask questions (should you so desire).

  • Meditate Daily

    Meditate for 28 days with gentle, guided SoulStrong meditations that are designed to give your emotions ample space.

Who is this course for?

Grief can come from many situations This course is for anyone going through:

  • Death

  • Divorce

  • Miscarriage or Abortion

  • Financial loss

  • Illness or Injury

  • Estrangement

Course curriculum

  • 2

    MODULE 1 - The Spiritual Anatomy Grief

    • MODULE 1 - The Spiritual Anatomy of Grief

    • Video - SoulStrong Awakening Through Grief

    • Please read the UNIVERSAL INTRODUCTION

    • Meditation Inspiration & Direction For Your First Week

  • 3

    MODULE 2 - Emotional Wisdom

  • 4

    MODULE 3 - The Power of Mindset while Awakening Through Grief

    • Copy of MODULE 3 - The Power of MINDSET as you Awaken Through Grief

  • 5

    MODULE 4 - Mind-Body Medicine

    • MODULE 4 - Mind-Body Medicine

    • Meditations Inspiration & Direction

  • 6

    MODULE 5 - The Body, The Earth, The Awakening

    • Module Five - The Body, The Earth, The Awakening

  • 7

    MODULE 6 - Using Grief to Find Your Purpose and Meaning

    • Module 6 - Using Grief to Find your Purpose & Meaning

    • Meditation Inspiration Module 6

  • 8

    MODULE 7 - Grief as a Transformation Catalyst

    • Module 7- Grief as a Transformation Catalyst

    • Meditation Inspiration & Direction

  • 9

    MODULE 8 - The Opening: Legacy, Intention & Fulfillment

    • Module Eight - THE OPENING: Legacy, Intention & Fulfillment

    • Video - Dr. Haile Explains Earth Connect & Inner Child

    • Second Video - More on Earth, Connection & Wholeness

  • 10

    MODULE 9 - Standing in your Truth & Letting Go

    • Meditation Inspiration & Direction - 'THE INTUITIVE CHECK IN' 💙

    • Perspective Paper on Forgiveness

    • Module 9- Standing in your Truth & Letting Go

  • 11

    Guided Meditations

    • Introduction to Meditation for your Grief Journey

    • Track 1 - The Beginning

    • Track 2 - Laying Down Earth Connect

    • Track 3 - Sitting Upright Earth Connect

    • Track 4 - Space and The Awareness of Space

    • Track 5 - Stillness and Silence

    • Track 6 - The Body

    • Track 7 - The Root Chakra

    • Track 8 - The Sacral Chakra

    • Track 9 - Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Track 10 - Heart Chakra

    • Track 11 - Throat Chakra

    • Track 12 - Third Eye Chakra

    • Track 13 - Crown Chakra

    • Track 14 - Ancestors

    • Track 15 - Integration OM

    • Track 16 - Forgiveness

    • Track 17 - Support

    • Track 18 - Trauma Healing

    • Track 19 - Trust Your Body

    • Track 20 - Deep Healing

    • Track 21 - Intuitive Flow

    • Track 22 - Intuitive Food

    • Track 23 - Relationship Freedom

    • Track 24 - Delta Sleep

    • Track 25 - Final Integration

Meet your Instructors


Trixie Hennessey

Trixie Hennessey is a Masters level Therapist and SoulStrong Intuitive Life Coach and mentor with over 15 years experience in the field of therapy, coaching, healing, and transformation. Trixie supports individuals in trusting their intuition to make better decisions, gain clarity and lead with meaning and purpose. Individuals climbing the internal mountains, the in-between, on their way to publishing their book, writing their song, starting their career, giving their talk, making peace with their bodies, and creating change in their personal and professional lives. Individuals seeking more trust in themselves and the process of life. Individuals wanting to be reminded of their way forward, their strengths, their gifts, their desires. Trixie is well respected in the field of eating disorders and known for her work with grief. She has received post Masters training in Neurosequential Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Emotion Focused Family Therapy and her clinical training has been focused on evidence-based attachment and interpersonal neurobiology techniques to treat a range of symptoms and challenges. Trixie is also a certified End-of-Life Doula.

Founder of SoulStrong, Intuitive Mentor, IFT Hypnotherapist, Retired Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Haile Michaelson

Our Founder, Haile Michaelson is a powerful intuitive, retired naturopathic doctor, and kind and passionate teacher. She brings 20 years of healing experience and study to every class. Her passion is the soul-to-body interface and how to align ourselves to create a soul-led life. She teaches each student that they are their own Gurus, and to trust their process, their hearts and their intuition. She is a hypnotherapist, intuitive coach and has a double major in psychology and nutrition, and a doctorate of naturopathic medicine. She was a practicing naturopathic physician in BC Canada and owner of integrative clinics for 10 years. She has dedicated more than 20 years of her life to studying mindfulness, intuition, and the soul - alongside the body, the mind and how to heal. All of our courses are infused with all of her wise amazing insights.

This program will take you beyond grief and into a beauitful awakening.


  • How much time per week does this course entail?

    We recommend prioritizing 2-3 hours a week for the manual readings, journaling and the group zoom call. Daily meditations vary in length from 6 to 40 minutes.

  • How do I gift this for someone going through loss?

    Email us at and we'll help you set an account up for a loved one.

  • What if I'm not comfortable speaking on zoom call?

    You are never expected to speak on a zoom call or even have your camera on. You are more than welcome to be a silent participant if you so choose.

  • What happens if I can't attend a zoom call?

    All calls will be recorded and made available to you within 48 hours.

Grief is meant to deepen you.

Our next guided course runs from October 15 - December 10.

The Zoom Classes are held Fridays from 10:00-11:00 am PST (all calls will be recorded and available for multiple replays).

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Pricing options

Grief is an opportunity to go higher and grow more than you have before.