Pre-Requisite Requirement ⬇️

Before taking Mystics Training you must complete IFT® via a small group or private mentoring. It is VERY important to have a strong base in intuition before learning psychic skills & mediumship. Talk to Dr. Haile about your path.

Once you have completed Intuition Focused Therapy®, you can proceed to learning Mystics.

Small group formats and private mentoring are available.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    SESSION 1 - Your Psychic Set Up

    • Session 1 Overview

    • ⭐️Clairs Homework - Blocks

    • 🎧Guided Hypnotherapy - 'Journey of Clairs'

  • 3

    CHAPTER 2 - Clearing & Boundaries, Ancestors & Expansion

    • Session 2 Overview

    • The "What About... " Game

    • Video: Dr. Haile on Expansive Boundaries and Dumping to Earth

    • ⭐️Session 2 Homework

    • 🎧Hypnotherapy Track - Lineage Healing

  • 4

    SESSION 3 - First Readings - Reading Self

    • SESSION 3 Overview

    • Chart: Colours

    • ⭐️ Session 3 Homework

  • 5

    SESSION 4 - Reading Others, Asking the Right Questions, Learning Psychic Language

    • Session 4 Overview

    • Impressions & Expressions

    • Asking the (Best) Questions

    • ⭐️ Session 4 Homework

  • 6

    SESSION 5 - Tarot & Tools

    • Session 5 - Overview

    • SoulStrong Basic Card Spread

    • ⭐️ Session 5 Homework

  • 7

    SESSION 6 - Mediumship - The Connecting

    • Session 6 Points

    • ⭐️ Session 6 Homework

  • 8

    SESSION 7 - Mediumship 2 - The Relationship

    • Session 7 Points

    • ⭐️ Session 7 Homework

  • 9

    SESSION 8 - Integration & Transformative Sessions

    • Session 8 Points

    • ⭐️ Session 8 Homework

A Powerful Cutting-Edge Method

How we differ from other trainings

This training is an advanced journey, created by Dr. Haile Michaelson a powerful intuitive medium & mentor, and retired naturopathic doctor.  She is a pioneer in the body-soul interface and teaches a deep and leading-edge approach to embodied connection to soul and intuition. Psychic ability is a natural extension of our deep wisdom, also known as intuition, and mediumship is a beautiful practice of connecting to souls who have passed. These are all skills that can be taught with a step by step approach. You will journey through mentored sessions, guided meditations, and complete homework and practice at home. This advanced deep dive is transformative in nature - both for you as the developing psychic and for those you will work with!

Meet Your Instructor

Founder of SoulStrong, Intuitive Hypnotherapist

Dr. Haile Michaelson

Dr. Haile is a kind and compassionate teacher, who brings so much love to all learning experiences. She always teaches each student that they are their own Gurus, and to trust their process, their hearts and their intuition. She is a hypnotherapist, intuitive coach and has a double major in psychology and nutrition, and a doctorate of naturopathic medicine. She was a practicing naturopathic physician in BC Canada and owner of integrative clinics for 10 years. She has dedicated more than 20 years of her life to studying mindfulness, intuition, and the soul - alongside the body, the mind and how to heal. All of our courses are infused with all of her wise amazing insights.

Included in Your Journey🌙

  • Learn about how psychic sensory skills and how to interpret your own system

  • Learn methods to do a reading on yourself, others, and relationships

  • Receive hypnosis-based guided tracks to open your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities

  • Open your third eye and your sensory system through a subconscious approach

  • Learn how to connect to souls and guides in other realms

  • Learn how to make a connection for a client and structure a session

  • Learn how to set protective energetic boundaries and the importance of light leadership

Deepen Your Natural Abilities

This training will take you to new levels of wisdom, intuition and connection. Join us to dive in today!